The place camber sussex

Although the Spanish Armada was defeated in 1588 Philip II attempted further invasions during the 1590’s.

A scale bar showing ‘myles and furlonges’ is included.

This survey was made in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, in the year 1578 and is endorsed almost certainly by Nicholas Reynolds 1587.

It contains five coloured maps of the coast and inland places of Sussex from Thorney and Selsey Bill to Winchelsea and Camber Castle.

Places are represented by elevation views of buildings.

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The survey is drawn in ink and colour washes on vellum, and features descriptions of coastal locations.

Details include compass roses and scale bars in colour.

It includes a scale bar showing 'Englishe Myles': 6 miles = 190mm, equating to approximately 688 miles.

This is part of a survey of the Sussex coast made by Sir Thomas Palmer Knight and Walter Coverte and records the section of the coast from Barnham Mille to Rye.

Sir Thomas Palmer Knight and Walter Coverte were Deputy Lieutenants of Sussex and its coast line.

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