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While the boost didn't return "I Got a Boy" to any Billboard chart, the interest may have helped send the music video for new Japanese single "My Oh My" to No. Whether it was intrigue or genuine interest that made you one of the hundreds of thousands to watch "I Got a Boy," check out five of their other of Girls' Generation's K-pop videos that are just as worthy of a viewing. "Gee" (2009)Those who loved the vibrant hues in "I Got a Boy," will again be visually treated with "Gee." This cute and colorful video was not only a turning point in Girls' Generation history -- their hugely-successful breakout hit -- but also in K-pop video history.

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With more than 15 million views in two months, maybe recent J-pop single "Galaxy Supernova" will got a YTMA nod at next year's ceremony?Read: 2 Bald Eagles Fighting Over Territory Get Stuck in Storm Drain, Cause Rush-Hour Traffic Jam In horrific video taken from her Anaheim home, Samantha Bishop can be seen sacrificing herself to save her son Grayson as the two are attacked by a pair of dogs. He required cosmetic surgery on his face and also suffered cuts on his legs.Grayson's father, Spenser, who was at work at the time, says he can't bring himself to watch the surveillance video of his wife and son being attacked because it is just too upsetting.He was very upset."He added: "The thought of losing your family is horrible.It is really terrible." Samantha has cuts, bites and bruises all around her body as a result of the attack.

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