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Artemis does this to punish the nymph for breaking her vow of chastity to the goddess.Many years later, both Callisto and Arcas get captured in the forest and taken to King Lycaon as a gift.The mother and son take refuge in the temple of Zeus, where trespassing is punishable by death, but the god intervenes and saves them, placing them both in the sky.There is an entirely different Greek myth associated with Ursa Major, the one about Adrasteia.Ursa Major is well-known in most world cultures and associated with a number of myths.

In more recent American history, the Big Dipper played a role in the Underground Railroad, as its position in the sky helped slaves find their way north.Ancient Greeks associated the constellation with the myth of Callisto, the beautiful nymph who had sworn a vow of chastity to the goddess Artemis. However, it was Zeus’ jealous wife Hera, who was not amused by her husband’s philandering, who would do even more damage.Angered by Zeus’ betrayal, she turned Callisto into a bear.Callisto lived as a bear for the next 15 years, roaming the forest and always running and hiding from hunters.One day, her son Arcas was walking in the forest and the two came face to face.

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