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Before getting out of the car I attempted to put on the ear muffs.I don’t know what crazy person invented ear muffs but the band holding them together was all over my head!You’ll catch a death of a cold” and every winter’s day up until she passed away, she wanted me to get a hat on my head but I always went to the office bareheaded. I followed a lot of her advice (and still do) but she never got through to my cold head about the importance of wearing a hat or cap in cold weather.WELL, all of that changed last week when Decatur really went into a deep freeze with some days having a wind chill factor of 30 below zero.I didn’t wear a hat during most of those days, but Thursday when I seemed to be working on an ear ache in my right ear and a mild headache in my right temple, probably from the cold, I decided to surrender my “nothing on my head” policy -- at least a little.

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I’VE WORN A stocking cap when the kids were home and we would go out in the yard to build snowmen, or play “snow football”.No one inside the post office recognized me either!Maybe they thought I was a wanted man trying to hide my identity.” I’m sure CNN, MSNBC or another like-minded news organization will be reporting back soon on the results of that investigation.• I think President Trump needs an upgrade in his Twitter account with a parental control on it that automatically shuts off when he says something that makes most of us scratch our heads in disbelief!

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