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Following earlier air raids, the church had been used to store furniture which now fueled the fire.

The interior and the rafters were completely destroyed by fire.

in a drawing of the town by Matthäus Merian from 1648.

The Marienkapelle was rebuilt in 1948-61 and re-consecrated in 1962. The proportions are somewhat skewed towards the vertical: on a plan of 26.5 meters by 18 meters the nave rises 21.5 meters in the center, 20 meters in the side aisles. The southern portal (Brautpforte) from 1430, is flanked by the sculptures of Adam and Eve.Construction of the current church started under Bishop Gerhard von Schwarzburg in 1377. By 1441 it must have been largely completed, as Bishop Sigismund von Sachsen, a knightly society or order, claimed the chapel.It is not certain at what point in time the chapel was finished. In 1412, the order made a Benefice donation for the chapel and as late as the 17th century the chapel was referred to as a Ritter-Capelle (knights' chapel), e.g.It was rebuilt in the 1950s and re-consecrated in 1962.Its two best known works of art, the sculptures of Adam and Eve by Tilman Riemenschneider, are today located in the Mainfränkisches Museum and have been replaced in-situ by copies.

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