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She resumed her talk, but before long Phills was at her again. He knew that Saloner had disclosed the fledgling relationship to one of the main authors of the university’s harassment policy, Provost John Etchemendy, as the regulations had required, but doubted whether the dean had done so in a timely fashion or had been fully candid with him when he did. ”Phills says that his monitoring wasn’t hacking but simple self-protection. And whether or just how much his boss, motivated by his ardor for Phills’s wife, had it in for him surely mattered. Gruenfeld: I am sorry I did not change my facebook [sic] password when we started dating. The depravity and lack of conscience is [For Saloner, that was mild.

Saloner relished seeing him in an orange jumpsuit in prison, and compared him to an elephant seal and a tarantula.Saloner is a man who was known for playing rough and for playing favorites. Still, anyone making more than a million dollars a year at Apple, as Phills now does, will be hard-pressed to prove damages or elicit much sympathy from a jury.(“He has a lot of the same qualities as Carly Fiorina,” one G. Phills’s friends have implored him to drop the lawsuit and get on with his life.Phills assumes that Stanford has gone through all of his university e-mail for the past several years.(Stanford says it has reviewed only those e-mails produced in litigation.) Gruenfeld has seen an investigator for Stanford probe her love life, including whether she ever had affairs with her students.

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