Online dating for 10-13

"The other 3% of that drop is the recession," Foss says. That report says young people often prefer alternative modes of transportation such as car-sharing, ride-sharing and bike-sharing.

MOM SAYS WAITEmily Mc Nulty, 19, of Sterling, Va., just got her driver's license.

Her mom, Julianne Mc Nulty, 57, had asked her to put it off."I just felt like she needed to wait a little bit for the amount of traffic on the roads around here," says Julianne Mc Nulty, who works in the marketing department of a trade association. Another factor was the cost of car insurance and gas."Emily was almost 18 when she started driving.

"There's a lot of road rage and a lot of crazy drivers, and I just felt like she wasn't ready to handle all that. "I tried to drag that out as long as I could," her mother says."I felt more comfortable waiting a little longer," says Emily, who is studying at Northern Virginia Community College and wants to be either a marine biologist or zoologist. C., where he still lives and works as an online content manager for Wesley Theological Seminary."My family never had a car when I was growing up," he says.

STRICTLY is just as famous for its love stories as it is for its dancing - and many people thought Mollie King and AJ Pritchard would be the latest couple to emerge from the dancefloor. Here's all you need to know about them following the revelations from The Sun's Bizarre column...Few respondents cited the ability to connect online or GDL restrictions as a factor. Among young adults in households with annual incomes of at least ,000, 60% got a license within one year of their state's minimum age for doing so and 72% were licensed before age 18.In households with annual incomes of less than ,000, only 16% got a license within one year of becoming eligible, and 25% got licenses before turning 18.When kids turned 16, they couldn't wait to get their driver's licenses.It represented freedom, independence, the first big step into adulthood and a response to the call of the open road.

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