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C&C is in effect a bill of rights, It simply plots a full-term event for achieving equal per capita emissions rights globall [Convergence] but governed by the overall emissions limit over time that stabilises the atmosphere concentration of GHG at a 'safe' value [Contraction].The UNFCCC makes C&C generically true, but C&C specifically embraces a calculus built on this truth." Transition & C&C Contraction and Convergence (C&C) is a proposed global framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change."Technically, the C&C model is a coherent and mathematically-stable framework.It holds the science policy content together as a unity, science-based on the contraction side of the argument and rights-based or 'constitutional on the 'political' side of the argument.His talk looked at the implications of climate change on our approach to healthcare.Climate change, he argued, is the most siugnificant public health problem of this century.

The Global Commons Institute was founded in the United Kingdom in 1990 by Aubrey Meyer and others to campaign for a fair way to tackle climate change.

The UNFCCC called on all countries to recognise their equal but differentiated responsibilities to cut carbon emissions, and to recognise that the eventual equitable distribution of carbon rights had to be achieved.

Over 180 countries signed up to the UNFCCC's aims, but have so far failed to deliver the action necessary to achieve them. We need to implement the framework known as Contraction & Convergence (C&C), as proposed by the Global Commons Institute (GCI), in order to prevent further delay or sub-standard measures which might fool us into believing that we're dealing with climate change, when we're not. Experts also explain why they support C&C and Aubrey Meyer, whose work in developing C&C has been recognised in awards from the Schumacher Society and the City of London.

What was to have been their final report was rejected at a recent meeting in Geneva of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

said Aubrey Meyer, founder director of the London-based, Global Commons Institute.

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