Dual optic accommodating lenses

We also only had the 14-42 kit zoom along with the 17 2.8 pancake, which I enjoyed but it was far from being a WOW lens.

Even then, I preferred those little PEN cameras to many others due to their style, charm and full on fun factor.

In APS-C land, Fuji can’t touch it, Sony can’t touch, Leica can’t touch it , this camera is the real deal and just does not get any better when it comes to Micro 4/3 .

I can go on and on and on and on about the features, the history, the reasons why this is THE camera to own for those who want performance in a small package but most of you already know all of this.

But I will take it one step further and probably by saying this will irritate some but it is how I feel after extensive use.

The new E-M1 is the fastest, best built, best size, and most versatile mirrorless camera you can buy today as of the moment I am writing this (October 12th 2013).

So I promise it will not be 8000 words, maybe 5000 at most 🙂 Well, for me the OM-D E-M1 is THE mirrorless camera to own right now.

Since the beginning of Micro 4/3 there have been bashers and haters who hated for the sake of hating!

While not equalling full frame in image quality it can equal APS-C easily while being built better, while auto focusing faster/more accurate and while having the BEST mirrorless lenses available next to Leica.

In fact, if you are planning on buying any Micro 4/3 body, be sure to get a GOOD lens. In any case, those who bashed this system really were only bashing it due to the smaller sensor in the camera even though it was just as capable as larger sensors.

Since I am not biased and only rave about the cameras or lenses I truly love and feel are worth it, no matter the sensor size, I was telling it like it “was and is” for years now.

I wrote about this camera a couple of times already here on these very pages.

I was able to be one of the many who tested this camera in Ireland at the huge Castle Leslie Olympus launch event and I was wowed with the camera for sure.

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