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I donate blood on a pretty regular basis; the last time was about five months ago. I was told I am mildly anemic about three months ago after a physical. I will have a CBC done in a week or so, which will tell if the supplement has helped.

I did not know that fatigue was a symptom, so I just attributed my tiredness to my job. Now, I have a much clearer picture and am definitely paying much more attention to the little clues my body gives me.

For most of my life I have had these symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, prickling in my fingertips, cold skin, mental fatigue, moodiness and my worst one--hair loss.

I bought good iron pills from the health food store that have multiple support minerals for iron absorption, folic acid, B12, ferrous sulfate (as iron), vitamin C, and chlorophyll.

Spinach, kale, fresh beet juice, and prenatal pills will be part of my everyday routine until my next blood test! About two weeks ago I got beating by a mosquito and developed this lump in my back. Good thing that I did, lately I have been feeling dizzy and felt tired, but did everything around the house.

The result came back with hemoglobin of count of 9.9 very anemic and I didn't even know that I had such a disorder.

Once I find out the latest from my CBC I will post if indeed the supplement helped and what it is, exactly. Then when I tried to donate blood at 19, after my first child they told me I was anemic.

I have had many of the symptoms here, craving for ice, headaches, easily bruised, fainting, dizziness, rapid temperature changes, ringing in my ears, heart palpitations and hitting my wall daily (my term for 'push through the fatigue then shut down').

I am now on B12 injections at home as well as Procrit.

I don't crave ice but do suffer with insomnia and can't grow my finger nails as they keep breaking.

Late last year I changed my general physician (GP) who sent me to a specialist so now I am waiting to see if he can find the answer.

Blood count did not go up so a third endoscopy was done and more clips and a cauterization, more blood transfusion, and when my blood count went up to 9.6 I was given a shot of Procrit and sent home. I have to have more regular blood testing and take iron (I was already taking two iron pills/day). She felt nauseated and weak but did not have any other issues. I have been able to go almost 2 years at times without my levels being down, but my hematologist keeps a close watch on my levels.

His mother was suffering from diabetes in pregnancy.

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