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Kember and Pierce opted to upgrade their guitar equipment ahead of recording the new demos.Kember purchased a Burns Jazz electric guitar and 1960s Vox Conqueror amplifier; whilst Pierce bought a Fender Telecaster and a 1970s HH amplifier.

They gained a reputation as a 'drug band' due to the members' drug-taking habits and the candid interviews and outspoken views of Kember about recreational drug use.

By this time they had reconfigured and honed their musical style, and their repertoire consisted of newer songs and re-worked older ones.

"The band's sound had crystallised into the intense, hypnotic, overloaded psychedelia which characterised their early [record] output, and which would serve as a template for their live act throughout their existence" (Ian Edmond, Record Collector).

Morris and Bain had previously played together in a band called Noise on Independent Street. Now a 4-piece, the band originally adopted the name The Spacemen. In Autumn 1983, Pierce, having finished his course at Rugby Art College, started attending an art school in Maidstone, Kent.

Their first live performances occurred around winter 1982/83, playing at a party and then at a couple of gigs they managed to get at a local bar; at the latter their set included a 20-minute version of the one-chord song "O. This prompted Bain and Morris to leave and join a new local band, The Push, being formed by Gavin Wissen.

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