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One girl, Judy, grandma informed me, had actually come by to get firsthand any information that grandma had. Alternating my focus from her sleeping face to her pussy, I unzipped my jeans and released my firm erection. I slipped carefully around the coffee table, into the kitchen, and retrieved a small flashlight."That's a hell of a girlfriend you got there, Alan! Switching on the flashlight, bringing the small beam of light up from the floor, I eliminated her pussy.I slept late the next morning and found my breakfast waiting for me. "I woke up this morning with my nightgown up around my belly button." Grandma stated, as we ate supper. "There's nothing to be ashamed of, Alan." She offered. The house was dark except for the light from the TV. " I could not believe we were having such a discussion. And, you're telling me you expected and wanted me to look under your nightgown? " She commanded, standing, taking a big swig of her Bourbon and heading for the back of the house. This side." I sat down on the bed to her left and she immediately, but tenderly, grasp my erection and began stroking it slowly. Grandma left a note saying she had gone to the store and the gas station. "You didn't have anything to do with that, did you? "Alan, you'll have to forgive me, but I am really curious and I need a yes or no answer. "You're my grandmother." "You sat in the kitchen the other day and told me you thought incest would be okay if the two parties involved were happy with the situation? I couldn't believe my grandmother had confessed to sexually setting me up! I followed her through the darkened house as she led me to her bedroom. I'm going to be more than your grandmother in this room.

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Carefully, almost home free, I replaced grandma's nightgown where I had found it. I moaned my elation as my cock erupted and spewed cum all over grandma's arm and hand. "I hope that was as good for you, sugar, as it was for me? She told me to position myself straight down on the bed.

I sat on the sofa for a few minutes to gather my senses and then turned off the TV. I think we can both get cleaned up before the movie comes on." I was happy to depart. I was mesmerized by it all and I thought I could feel my heart pounding as I watched her silhouette remove the nightgown. "I want you to begin kissing me on the lips and around my face and neck." She instructed. When you find something you like, don't hesitate to linger and play with it.

Grandma and I got along real well, hence my extended stay. "Judy is a pretty enough girl, I suppose." Grandma speculated. "I'm meeting up with the gang after I go to the interview." I said, as I prepared to leave.

Grandma lived outside a small town in South Carolina. It's all speculation, grandma." Another drink of water! "I'll be home by supper." "Find out more about Judy's sister and her father." Grandma shouted after me as I opened the door to leave.

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