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When producing reports whether emailed, faxed or printed users often have to wait for the reports to be compiled.Window Designer Report Server solves this problem by allowing users to produce reports remotely.V7.2 brings many new features to Dashboard and a whole suite of predefined dashboards to get you up and running quickly.Dashboard Touch is by far the most advanced business information product available in the market today.Fast Reports is an alternative to Report Builder for producing reports using database information generated from Client/Server Extensions, Business Administrator, Production Manager, Stock or any ADO source.Now supported throughout Window Designer, Fast Reports is the quickest way of designing and producing reports.CE Marking labels and documentation can then be produced at various stages throughout processing and production.

Built from the ground up Fengo is easy to use whilst providing much of the functionality of First Degree Systems product range.

Not only does it provide all the information you need with a modern looking interface, it can be fully customised by the end user.

Report Builder V14 is included and provides Design Layers along with many improvements to Previewing, Export Devices, RAP, Drag and Drop, Multiple Selection Inspecting, and more.

The Report Server has a sophisticated engine that can automatically redirect reports to email, fax or hard copy.

Reports can be scheduled and triggered outside of Window Designer by other FDS or third party products.

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